Book review: Sin with Me by J.T. Gessinger

Unexpectedly funny, when the video plays on Grace’s phone at the hospital at top volume I honest to god laughed out loud and could not continue reading I was laughing so hard. The visuals painted by the authors’ words absolutely bring the story to life in your mind. The laughs just keep coming throughout the book. There are some serious moments, some very sad moments but the author follows them up with lighthearted, witty, hilarious banter and keeps you entertained and enthralled in her story. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time hoping I was wrong about Brody’s secret but waiting for the other shoe to drop. The author did not disappoint and my suspicions were correct with regards to his secret. The hilarious banter and serious moments both make the reader feel like this story could have actually happened and was unfolding before you. Great read.

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