Review: The Bachelor Contract by Rachel Van Dyken

A second chance romance, Van Dyken does not disappoint as usual. This one was an emotional read for me. This installment touches on some subjects that hit close to home for me at this particular moment in my life. Brant is angry, brooding, cold, and completely unapproachable. Nikki is sweet, a little sad, and somewhat closed off to new relationships, which is totally understandable given what she has been through. Honestly both of their positions are understandable once you get the full picture of events later in the story. As always, Van Dyken does not disappoint with poignant moments, steamy romance, and a happily every after ending (after a bit of trials and fighting of course). As with any second chance romance story, communication or the lack of it could have prevented the characters distress and heartbreak but the story simply would not be if that had gone as we know it should. And we all know that life, real life, most relationships encounter miscommunication or lack of communication in some way, shape or form so the reader can relate to that aspect.

I have to admit, I was rather upset with Rachel for making me cry throughout this book (once you read it you will understand why the 7 months pregnant woman was crying), although that is only a tiny bit of the reason I cried. Knowing myself, I would have likely cried anyway, just not as much.

Thank you, Rachel for another amazing book and I hope we see more in this series.

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