ARC: Captivating the Earl by Callie Hutton

captivating the earl callie huttonCaptivating the Earl by Callie Hutton

Secrets, danger, duty, beauty, and love.

Hutton brings an intriguing story of a woman named Lizzie who is working as a governess, secretly on the run after her father is imprisoned for treason. She is captivated by the cousin of her employer who also happens to be one of the men present during her father’s death. An attempt on her life disguised as an “accident” and a letter from the Home Secretary alert Hawke to the fact that the governess is not who she says she is. He has been tasked now with bringing her in for questioning. Lizzie swears she knows nothing and is innocent of any wrong-doing, Hawke is not sure what to believe but knows that he must protect her after further attempts to murder her on their way. He is also unsure what to do with this woman who has captivated him as no other has, how can he let himself love? Lizzie knows she needs his protection and is drawn to him as well. This story is full of intrigue, danger, and love. Well written and able to be read as a standalone in the series. I will definitely be reading the previous installments.

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